Наш адрес:

Bd. Mircea cel Batrin, 20/3,
Office 99 - 100
Mun. Chisinau. MD-2044.
Republic of Moldova


Phone / fax: + (373) 22 35 01 01
GSM +(373) 69107228, + (373) 69158081,
GSM + (373) 79278875, + (373) 78229698
E-mail: avocat@bk.ru

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United Law Bureau “VOLGHIN Co” is one of the oldest juridical companies in Moldova. We hire only the best specialists in the field (high qualified specialists). All our full-time advo-cates and advisors have a good expertise and before joining the office were employed by state justice and law enforcement bodies. The license we possess allows us to fight interests of our clients in all justice and other instances of all levels.

We find among our clients both small companies and the biggest ones, such as «Savings Bank of Moldova», «Moldindconbank», «Stock Exchange of Moldova», Moldo-Russian-German Joint Venture «Resan», «Calman-Prim», Spanish company «Commercial Manufactory Group», Moldo-Cyprus com-pany «Divani-Estates», German company «Begarat», Belgian, Luxemburg and Italian transport Companies «Lutramold Service», «Intertransauto», «Fortimex», «Termotransauto», «Malitrans Exped», «Evrustrans», «Montajtrans»…, construction companies: «Adversarul», «Glorinal», industrial companies: Israeli Concern «Moldis», with UK capital «Remorcaworld», «Autoremorca», «Galiaris Com», with USA capital «L&MS Leventul» «Gold Line Industries», «Borhaft», «Financial Papers»,Commercial Center «Gemeni», Joint Stock Companies Agricultural: «Cereale-Sholdaneshti», «Avicola-Bujor»... We served some mass media representatives, such as newspapers «Ceas Pic» (Rush Hour), «Nezavisimaia Moldova» (Independent Moldova), «Komersant Plus», «Vecerneaea Gazeta» (evening news), magazines «Price Navigator», «Distributor & Dealer», Producer Center «Imir-Show», TV broadcasting company «Vitron», «NIT», «ITSS», «Echo», State Administration of Civil Aviation of Moldova and such well-known air companies as: «Air Moldova», «Sky Alliance», «Airport International Chisinau», «Airport Handling», «Moldaeroservice», «MoldATSA», «Agroavia» and others. As of such worldwide well known companies as «UPS», «TNT», «Deloitte», «Mary Kay Inc», «AVON Cosmetics», «Kompass International», «Coface IGK Eurogate», «York Trailer International», «Rietumu Bank»,.«Parex Bank»...

To succeed outside Moldova we cooperate closely with lawyers in USA, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Baltic countries, Cyprus, Egypt, Middle Asia, UK.

At the same time, our collaboration with qualified specialists from other fields allows us to perform guard, detective, notarial activities, render audit and accounting services. Our client may benefit from assistances of economist, psychologist and psychoanalyst, cadastral customs and other specialists.

Livening up of business affairs between Moldavian and others country businessmen within the last years has induced me, as the Senior partner and Director of the Bureau, to offer close and permanent collaboration to your respectful company with the scope of mutual representation of interests in our domestic countries. In our opinion this is a good solution to expand the market of services we render with a minimum costs and resources required.

Our practice shows that usually clients prefer to address to that legal company, which is able to protect the client’s interests not only in home country, but also abroad.

Hope you will be interested in this business proposal and look forward to become aware about your opinion and your suggestions regarding our prospective cooperation.

Please send the correspondence to our E-mail: avocat@bk.ru, or Phone/fax + (373)22350101, or mailing address: of.99-100. bd. Mircea cel Batrin 20/3. mun.Chisinau. MD-2044. Republic of Moldova

Taking this opportunity I would like to underline that United Law Bureau “VOLGHIN Co” is always at your disposal and ready to help you with any of your problems and in any countries where we have our representatives. Sincerely yours,

Alexandru VOLGHIN
Director, Senior partner